Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have you found yours?

Recently I watched the movie Bucket List with my husband. Most people, I am told, can watch a movie just for pure entertainment purposes, however I tend to think about them, analyze them and even think about them some more. So the main two questions in this movie:

Did you find joy?

Did you bring joy to anyone?

So to dig deeper; What is joy? What does it look like?

I believe Jesus brought joy before He was ever born. He brought joy in the anticipation of the people awaiting their Messiah. Once here I know He brought joy to His mommy and daddy the minute He was born. He brought joy to those He healed. He definitely brought joy to His Father through His obedience and commitment on the cross. I believe Jesus felt joy when He was obedient on the cross, because He understood that He was making a relationship possible.

Joy is found when you discover God, when you grow in relationship with Him.

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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Joy is hard to find some days around here!! =) Between the fights, screaming, messes and all kinds of other crazy's....but joy is finding smiles in the small stuff. It's easy to smile about the BIG stuff, but it's the little stuff that we should really be joyous about! =)