Monday, July 14, 2008

Our little love triangle

You know how when you have been staring at something for a very long time, you no longer see all the details. It’s like you miss the little things because your eyes get tired. Or the longer you stand in the freezing cold ocean you become numb and so it no longer feels cold to you. What about when you are standing in the middle of the mall and the noise of people, music playing, and gadgets whizzing around are so loud, that when you get in the car the silence actually scares you.

Do you think that’s what has happened to marriage? Are marriages tired, numb and hurting?

Do we get tired of looking at our spouse? Do we base our reality on feelings? And does the silence of things not said scare you?

I know this will surprise some readers, but our society is not supporting your marriage. The world we live supports "disposable marriages". When you are tired of this spouse, move on, there is a newer and fresher model. When you no longer "feel" like loving this person, or maybe you have "fallen out of love" this cannot be okay, feeling numb is not okay. And when you move into a new season of your marriage, (children, empty nest, retirement, loss of parent, parent moves in) it might be too scary to handle.

The awesome thing is that society, (people) are not the creators of marriage, but God is! God designed a beautiful agreement that is to be entered in with a man, woman, and Himself.

I have agreed to see Steve through the eyes of Jesus. I have agreed to not get tired of looking at him. I have agreed to not base my marriage on feelings alone. I have agreed that in all things I will stand next to my best friend with our Savior and have faith.

I am writing today on marriage because I have girlfriends who need to be lifted up before their Creator, whose marriages need to be lifted up, and I feel very passionate about taking it to the cross with them!

Dear God may you remind us that marriage is a beautiful covenant that you designed and that you have the blueprints, and you want it to be beautiful! We love you- and it’s in Jesus’ sweet name we pray, Amen.


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Hey girl, great post!

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Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Excellent post!