Monday, July 7, 2008

Doing what God wants and Doing it Right NOW!

How many times does God have to tell me something for me to really get it? Why am I so thick and stubborn?

So I heard it at She Speaks a few weeks ago, Your home is your first area of ministry. I hear it again yesterday in Max Lucado’s book 3:16. Max is talking about the example of Jesus:

"As a young boy, Jesus already senses the call of God. But what does he do next? Recruit apostles and preach sermons and perform miracles? No, he goes home to his folks and learns the family business.
That is exactly what you should do. Want to bring focus to your life? Do what Jesus did. Go home, love your family, and take care of business. But, Max, I want to be a missionary. Your first mission field is under your roof. What makes you think they’ll believe you oversees if they don’t believe you across the hall?" (pg 144)

I am a woman who loves God down to the core. However I am not sure that my every action, word and deed is showing this to my family. In my sometimes loud and angry moments I am so not being gentle and kind. When I huff and puff about the toys not being picked up quickly enough, I am not being so patient. Do I bring the love of Jesus to our home? Is the joy of Jesus evident in our family?

So I want to do this! I want to love my family. I want to tell them daily that I love them, and I want to show them. I want to love them how Jesus loves me. When they fall I want to be there to help pick them up. When they are lonely I want to be their friend. When they are sad I want to bring joy. I want to keep a healthy balance of grace and discipline. When I make a mistake I want to admit it, say I am sorry and ask for forgiveness. I want to play with them, laugh with them, cook meals for them, clean their clothes, and keep our home clean. I want to do these things because they are ways I can show them I love them. Please know that I am so NOT able to do any of this, but I am able to let the Holy Spirit work in me to bring about this atmosphere. I need to be obedient to let Him work!

Dear Heavenly Father I step out in obedience and ask for Your power to fulfill this ministry You have called me to. Loving my family! It is in the name of your precious son, Jesus I ask, Amen.


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I am finding that this is an ART. It takes tons of practice! Lot's of mistakes! And lot's and lot's of "Let's start over"!! I struggle every single day in this area. Loved your thoughts on it.

Thanks so much for praying for our bible study! It means the world!!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I'm with you...I so want to love my family well. I want my actions to speak of my love. It requires complete dependence on God. I don't always get it right (I mess up often!), but that is what I continue to strive for.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours.