Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the right focus

Hello! Welcome to my blog today!

God loves you!

I want to pray for you today. So, if you feel comfortable leaving me a comment with your name, please do, or leave an anonymous comment. Only share your request if you want to. God knows, and I would just love the opportunity to talk to God today and lift up His beautiful daughters in prayer.


Runner Mom said...

Hey! Thanks so much for visiting my blog this week. I really do appreciate all of the encouragement and prayers. You girlfriends out in bloggyland are so awesome!! I hope that tomorrow is a great day--it's 10:00 here and definitely bedtime!!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

You are sooo sweet!

I'm praying for a peaceful day's late, and I'm exhausted from motherhood but can't find sleep!! What's up with that???

Praying for you too!

R and V said...

Thank you for this generous offer. I can always use prayers. I ask God on a daily basis if I am on the right path. I would love prayers asking for His guidance to continue..... Lead me to where I can bring the most peace. Thank you for your prayers and your wonderful blog.