Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Wife Smell

Their story is one that would definitely make a good book. There would have to be an introduction that would read as a warning..."We don't recommend that you start your relationship this way....or wait do we?" First chapter would begin with how they met, on the side of the road on a warm sunny day, hitchhiking. Please keep in mind this was in the 70's and such an activity as this was not as risky. A young girl is out with her girlfriends and they decide it would be an adventure to try and hitchhike. Well equally up for an adventure a young man who is out with his friends; decide they will meet these girls. Chapter two "if I count these presto logs, can I kiss you?" As you will notice by the short distance in pages in this book, this relationship does not take long to blossom! Third chapter, "would you consider marrying me?" Fourth chapter, a small and simple wedding. The next few chapters would read of their simple and carefree beginnings, and the building of a foundation on friendship. A girl who was dedicated to make him the most important thing in her life and a guy who was dedicated to care for and protect her. The middle chapters would read of the tough times, the character building moments, the trials, the errors, the heartbreak and joy that their girls would bring, the years where their foundation of friendship would prove to be a necessity. There would be a beautiful chapter on grace, this chapter would be where God himself becomes the key element in their marriage. This book is a bestseller in my opinion. A book that proves just how awesome God is, that He always has His hand on us and that He makes all things beautiful. There are a few chapters that are still being released and I look forward to reading them!

This is the story of my parents, who celebrate 32 years of marriage today!

A few months ago at a marriage retreat my dad was asked to answer the question "what do you like about your spouse?", dad responded with some niceties and then out came "the fact that she hasn't lost that new wife smell!" My dad in a few silly words shared something so important to me, marriage is about humor and being willing to love and laugh with each other through it all!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I love you!


Anonymous said...

Laughter will get you threw just about anything!? Lot's of times I've just had to look UP and Laugh and know my God has a huge sense of humor. Thank You for such a special look at our journey thou it is not always been easy its always been filled with lots of Love, Fun, Excitement, Pain, Joy, and like you I can't wait for the next 32yrs to unfold...Love You...

Penny said...

WOW!! I'd say that would make an AWESOME book!! I couldn't wait to get to the part where you said who you were talking about...I had no idea of their story! Amazing!! And thanks for really spoke to me!! Love and appreciate you more than you know!!