Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All things from God are good

Just when I think He is good He goes and gets even better! Experiencing God in the everyday is so rewarding! Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and words of encouragement. For God is the giver of all things that are good! Actually today I would be bold enough to say He is the giver of all things that are GREAT!

Today I am asking some questions to get your thoughts, opinions, testimonies, and any other questions that might come to your mind. If you would feel more comfortable answering the questions via email just let me know!

1. Do you believe God is a God of purpose?

2. Do you believe Jesus had a specific purpose?

3. What does the phrase, "living your life on purpose mean to you?"

4. Are there people you know who live their lives on purpose?

5. Do you believe you were created on purpose?

6. What kind of things do you do on purpose?

7. Are you intentional in the way you live?

8. Are you living in the moment or for the next moment?

9. Do you believe God can use anyone to accomplish His plan?

10. What do you believe your purpose to be?

Dear Heavenly Father thank you for blessing us by bringing us closer to you. For it truly outweighs anything this world has to offer. We love You Lord and thank You for first loving us, and paying a huge price for us, through Your Son Jesus-Amen


Joyful said...

Great questions!!!!

Without taking up too much comment room...let's see...

1. Yes! He has a plan, and 1 Corinthians 14:33 tells us that He is not a God of confusion or disorder.
2. Yes! He came that we might have life and have it to the full! (John 10:10)
3. "Living your life on purpose" means that I'm living for His purpose; that I am saying 'yes' to God's plans for me. My purpose is to magnify and give glory to God and be in the center of His will for me. It's surrendering my will for God's will for me.
4. Definitely know people who live their life on purpose!
5. I KNOW I was created on purpose. I was born prematurely at 25 weeks, a twin, and given no hope by Dr's to survive. God has kept me alive all these years for His purposes I know!
6. What do I do on purpose? I'm a huge encourager - I send notes, cards etc...on purpose. My daily quiet time is done on purpose. I care for my family on purpose. I lead a couple of Bible studies on purpose. I pray with purpose and on purpose. I am a friend on purpose etc...
7. Yes, I would say I am intentional in the way I live. I can be very determined in the things I commit to and I'm a planner and organizer. I don't like to waste time.
8. I tend to be more a live in the moment gal I think. The next moment may not come, so I need to embrace my 'now'. I struggle with this at times when faced with fear or worry - then I tend to live in 'what if's' and I know that's not good.
9. Yes, I believe God can use anyone to accomplish His plan. If He can use a shepherd boy to slay a giant, He can certainly use anyone. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)
10. My purpose? Well I know God wants me to glorify Him. I know that He wants me to be His disciple and His witness. I know He wants me to do His will. There have been times when He has directed specifically for a certain ministry task etc...or He has given direction in very definite ways in regards to a circumstance. My purpose at those times is to be obedient.

There's some quick thoughts. If you want more detail or specifics, let me know and I'll e-mail you.

Again....wonderful questions!!!
Glad you're seeing God as the giver of all things GREAT!!!!

Kimberly said...

Wow! Fantastic and very important questions! I was coming by on the run so I will have to stop back by later to answer. So just sayin' hey for now. Hey!

:) You are a blessing!
Love and prayers,

Edie said...

Hi Nichole! Wow these really are great questions, and joyful really has some great answers (quick thoughts?) too. It will take me a bit more time to put together my thoughts on these. Love the way you make us think!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Wow...nothing like keeping it light! That's OK, I'm not into the fluff but to answer this one would take more energy than I have tonight.

I do believe in a purposeful creation by a purposeful God with a purposeful plan that included his Son's death...on purpose. I believe that every human life is created on purpose and with purpose in mind.

To live purposefully is to live intentionally and with the sole purpose of knowing God. All other pursuits leave us as dead in the water.

Do we most often screw up God's intended purpose for our lives? Yes, but if his perfect purpose isn't life through us, he takes the imperfect and somehow weaves it toward humanity's perfected end.

I don't know how. I simply believe it to be true.

This probably makes no sense at all; chalk it up to "less than" purposeful thinking.


Leebird said...

I will email you my responses...but I have to laugh at question 7. A few months ago, my BFF Michelle and I had to drive to Phoenix to pick up my son. We had a Christian station on, and the guy was talking about intentional living. While we both agree in the concept, we just couldn't help but crack up after a while because he managed to use every form of the word "intentional" ten times each in a span of about five minutes.

"Living your life intentionally is something we should do with intention each day. Intentionality takes effort, but if your intention is to be intentional, then it's worth it."

You get the idea! :)

Intentionally yours, Leebird!

My ADHD Me said...

Hi. Lots to contemplate here. Some of the answers are obvious but some are going to require some thought.
Thinking is learning.
So, thank you.

Kimberly said...

Okay...I had to go open your page in another window so I can go back and forth and look at your questions. :) Sad. I know. I can't remember from there to here!

I do believe God is a God of purpose. For sure. If He wasn't, if His Word didn't promise me that He has a plan, well, I think I might have to give up! I love resting in the knowledge that not only does He know how all is going to turn's all going to turn out His way!
One of my favorite verses is the following:
"I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You." Job 42:1

I do tend to live too much of my life from moment to moment. NOT on purpose. I need to spend more time asking Him what His plans are. I need to give my time and energy into what is going be of true benefit in the long run, not just what looks easy and fun for now.

Just the title of your blog has honestly been a blessing to me. A reminder that I need to be purposeful in all that I do. Purposeful in loving those around me. Purposeful in spending time with my Father. Purposeful in prayer.

Okay, so I'm not answering all of your questions...some I still have to really examine my heart with. Thanks for asking. These are things I truly do need to think about. I don't want to go through my life with no vision, no purpose.

You are a blessing,
K :)

Mary said...

1. Yes!
2. Of course! To save a world from their sin!
3. Doing whatever it takes to lead people to Christ and see them grow in Him!
4. Yes!
5. Yes! Ps. 138:8, Jere. 29:11
6. see number 3
7. Yes! And becoming even more so as I go.
8. Both! I live in the moment and try to make sure I use it the way the Lord wants it, but I also live for the next moment and the next
9. Yes!
10. To bring as many souls to the Lord before His return.

Jami said...

Hey Nichole - to answer some of your questions.

Yes, I believe God has a purpose for each one of us. It's my job to trust Him and allow Him to lead me where He wants. To spend time with Him, building our relationship with Him and obeying the little nudges. Hard to do all the time that is for sure. But I'm so thankful for His grace and mercy! We serve an Awesome God!!!

There is so much peace in knowing that He has a plan and that plan is much bigger than mine!

Love you!

Lelia Chealey said...

1. DEFINITELY! The more I learn about Him the more I want to know more. He doesn't always make sense to me, but yes I feel like none of what He has done has been a waste. Even all the craziness in the Old Testament had a purpose.

2. Oh YES!! To save us. To bring us "home".

3. Getting in touch with God and living according to His will. That's tough for me when I "get ideas". I'm learning not mastering but learning to match my ideas with His Word.

4. Yes, many.
5. Yes. Even though my parents weren't married when I was conceived I am not a mistake!
6. Write. Pray. Learn.
7. Yes, but sometimes I leave God out of it and all I do is intentionally create messes. :(
8. A little of both I'd say. I mean I'm paying attention to today, but also praying and preparing for tomorrow.
9. YES! As you read on my post from today...Justin!! Shoot, ME! ;0 Oh, if you only knew my whole my my. Yes, anyone willing and teachable is usable.
10. To share what Christ has done in my life. To grow closer to Him daily. To never be content in my walk with Him. To be with Him one day,but in the meantime to spend my time on earth glorifying Him with my all.

This was so cool! Oh, and thank you for your sweet encouragement on my blog. That really gave my heart the hug it needed!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

1: yes, yes, yes
2: For everybody...
3: to live in God's will, to trust and obey, to love the Lord my God with all Heart, Mind and Strength
4: of course
5: absolutely
6: Worship, read, seek and try to live the life God intended me to.
7: Sometimes, I would like to have clearer and wiser intentions.
8: I try to live in the moment, knowing that is where God has me. At times I mess up and walk before him.
9: God is using ME....
10: To love my Lord with all my heart, mind and strength and through that I will fulfill his purpose of creating me....
Love, Hugs & Prayers

Amy said...

Nichole, These are some great questions. I do think that God has a life purpose for us as well as a daily purpose. As we are moving toward his life's purpose for us He gives us daily challenges and blessings to move us closer to the ultimate purpose He has for us. He created each of us uniquely and has given us a specific role to live out in his Kingdom. When we realize what our purpose is we should follow it with faith and passion. I think the more we learn about God and read/study his Word we will have more of this purpose shown to us. I think my purpose for right now is 1.Follow God and his leading in my personal walk with him, 2. Family-Being the wife and mother God would have me to be, and 3. Church-further his kingdom through witnessing, reaching out to the community, and uplifting the body of Christ.
I hope I wasn't too wordy. :)Blessings to you today!