Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why I blog

This question has been on my mind and in my heart from the moment I woke up. Which kinda of concerned me...'has blogging become an obsession?' 'what is my motive?' 'am I doing it On Purpose?'

So as I have went through my day I have been in conversation with God about all of the above questions. I have asked Him to reveal to me why I blog, and He has said:

To share love

To bring joy and encouragement

To pray

To bring glory to God

To be teachable

To grow in relationship with God

Dear Heavenly Father may this blog bring people right to your Heart, so You precious Father can love all over them!

Why do you blog? Please share if you want to!


Chatty Kelly said...

Obsession - yes, kind of.
Motive - to teach women about God in a fun & funny way, so it doesn't feel like learned per se, but still receive knowledge.

So if there can be a good obsession, this is one. The problem is/can be if suddenly I'm so busy leading people to Christ that I don't have time for him myself, one on one. And my family has to come before the blog too.

Great post.

Runner Mom said...

Your reasons are great! I'm trying to determine if I am spending too much time out here in bloggy land! Not writing, but reading and being so inspired by others who are also walking with Christ. I have to make sure that He and my family come first--the dust bunnies can wait! They're not going anywhere!

Love ya,

The Patterson 5 said...

Reflection, ponderings, and prayers that's why I blog.

Anonymous said...

You are living your life on purpose! You have given a gift from God to many women.You have given hope, understanding and most of an example of how to keep your heart in check with your God. I agree if it is an obsession, God bless you for spreading his precious love. Keep living your life on purpose, it's such a testimony to inspiration to be close to God, to see him in everything, and everyone.

Amy said...

Writing has always had a way of helping me to sort my thoughts. It provides clarity to my thinking. I think! :) I want my blog to uplift Christ, and share that He can make a difference in your life if you let Him. Your reasons are excellent. I agree with you. Blessings.

Kimberly said...

Atleast once a month I end up questioning I doing this all for Him? Am I giving blogging too much time? And it really is something we have to stop and pray about. We, as bloggers, have to make sure we are still in His will, no matter how good our own reasons may seem to be. We have to be sure it is all about Him, not us...and that it isn't getting out of control. So I think it is great you had this talk with God! :)

Why do I blog? I love to share Him with others! I know that my faith is always increased when I hear about how He is moving in the lives of others. I hope that I can bring Him glory and be an encouragement to others.

You are always an encouragement to me to be purposeful in my life lived for Him. I was actually thinking today about how I love the name of your blog! And everything you post on just reinforces that you are indeed living your life on purpose for Him!


Nicole said...

Great encouragement and reminder to examine our hearts regarding all things including blogging! You draw me to our Heavenly Father! Thank you!


Tiffany Stuart said...

Love this! I've had to ask myself the same question lately and pray for wisdom..

Kristi O said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog today. Its great to meet you. I have lurked on your blog a lot. I come here for encouragement and a reminder that Jesus is on my side. I need Him more than anything and I often lose sight of that. Thanks for being here!