Sunday, May 23, 2010

Before we go on

Welcome to the blog.  There are a few things...okay a lot of things racing around in my mind this morning on this day of rest.  And so it is my hearts intent as I type this morning on the day of rest to seek rest in Him.  Rest for a heart that is grieving over a choice made with the wrong intention. 

For some of you who have 'journeyed' with me for a while on this blog I am praying this morning that you will know this blog is never about playing it safe, putting on a show, or even being comfortable.  But rather living my life on purpose is about being real, honest and truly living each day being teachable; a work in progress!

When I started reading the book Eat the the shoes, I was scared of what I would find in the pages.  Without ever opening the mind raced over all the what ifs?  And I truly questioned...honestly...was this the book that would give me 'permission' to go back to eating my brownies and buying shoes when I wanted to. 

However it is my hearts desire to be a girl who seeks her Jesus in everything.  And I am not sure I started this book with that purposeful intent.  You see normally I struggle just watching a movie, reading a book, or being in relationship with someone without seeking what He has for me in it.  Trust me this is a tiring process...and probably one that is way hard to explain as I type.  I tend to look at life in all areas...'what does Jesus have for me to learn, see or do?'  So where did I go wrong with this book...well I think as I am typing this morning I can honestly say...I was focused on a the cookie and the shoes...and NOT Jesus!  As hard as that is to type...I do so to seek rest!

As I type I am very aware of my humanness. 

I am a girl who tends to be either on or off.

I live out of emotions.

I need to find balance.

I desperately need Him.

So as I read this book I know He will continue to reveal what has to go so I can be balanced.

For Friday was one of those lessons for me. 

The cookie for me is still not okay.  I know why I ate it.  I know my thoughts before, during and after.

Dear Jesus my hearts desire is to not void fill with the things of this world.  But only with You.  I know the enemy desires to see me lose, I have victory in You.  'Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in his ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours' (Psalm 128:1-2) Thank You Jesus for loving me, picking me up and bringing me through. May I know You more, I love You, Amen!


From the Heart said...

I love your honesty and your devotion to God. Sometimes there are things, people, etc. that I question how I'm supposed to handle whatever is placed in front of me. Sometimes I have to say "no" because I know in my heart God would not approve. So rest in the Lord today and I'm sure He will guide you as you continue with this book.

I have a prayer request. A "very" dear person in my life has just gone through some things she thought were going to turn out to be good but has ended. She has taken some time off and gone to a spa for a week. Pray that she will also use this time to get closer to God. She's a very devout Christian with very high morals, but needs some healing. She may not realize that she needs this but I feel it in my heart.
Have a great God-filled day, AE

Sue J. said...

Reading any book outside of the Bible comes with the risk of falling into philosophies or "truths" that will not match with where God is leading you or what He has said is Truth.

Should we judge a book by its cover? Sometimes we definitely should. But, that doesn't mean you made a wrong choice here. God is always intentional, and if you felt misdirected by something, it was because He desired to bring that out to you (and you to us).

Prayers that He will give you discernment about the book, what you read in the book, how you respond to Him (in light of the book). Mostly prayers for you today, that you will know His perfect rest and feel surrounded by His presence.

Stay encouraged, friend!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I love the transparency Nichole. Praise Jesus for revealing His truths to You. I pray His victory continues to be known in your purpose for Him. In Jesus' name, amen.

Amy P Boyd said...

Thank you so much for your honesty with us and with yourself today. THere are so many times that I have to look back to see if what I am doing is with the proper intentions. Lately I had to look at my desire to speak to make sure it wasn't just something I want to do. To verify that God had truly laid the call on my heart. As I cried out to Him and He confirmed it in a might way. I believe if we are pure in our desire and alway seek His guidance He will provide that comfirmation.

Cindy said...

One thing I can say about you Nichole, is that you are honest, transparent and real. One of the reasons I keep coming back to read. Your words portray your heart for God. I look forward to hearing all He has to speak to you as you continue to read 'this book' and seek HIS purpose!!

Kimberly said...

Oh, sweet, passionate, wonderful friend. I get it. I so get it! I am on or off. I am all or nothing. I am one who needs HIM to help me find a place of pretty much everything!

Praying for both of us today. :) He loves us, and He will complete the good work He began in each of us. :) A promise I CLING to!!!!

Love, hugs, and prayers,
K :)