Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cookie

Hello Friends...I am back to get into this book.  We are going to journey together through the pages of Eat the Cookie...buy the shoes. This is Joyce Meyer's new book about 'giving yourself permission to lighten up.'

So if you are feeling now is a good time to take a breather...please join us!

So chapter 1 of the book is titled The Cookie.

If you don't have a copy of the book please link over here to visit this video. Start the video from 6:05 minutes in and watch until the end. It is about 3 minutes. Where Joyce shares her 'cookie' story.  It will give you the foundation for the first chapter.  After you watch come back over and join in reading my highlights from the chapter, and please lets make this a discussion by leaving your comments and questions.  Thank you!

She points out that her husband was truly trying to help her because he loves her.  I have a pretty significant memory of when the Engineer so freely shared with our OB/GYN on one of our Dr's visit when I was pregnant with Tyler.  The Engineer felt at liberty to ask the Dr..."is it normal for a pregnant woman to eat an entire pan of chocolate brownies?" Yes he got a pretty good glare!  Anyway, truly our friends and family most of the time comment out of love for us.  But Joyce points out,

Sadly, if we are not confident about our choices, we can easily let other peoples' comments make us feel guilty and ruin the joy we need to experience in life through doing the little things that mean a lot to us. (pg 4)

In the first chapter Joyce wants us to go away with this...

We're Not Built for Guilt

God will convict us of wrong choices and actions, but He never tries to make us feel guilty.  Guilt presses us down and weakens us, but godly conviction brings awareness of wrong, and an opportunity to change and progress. (pg 4-5)

As I read that I prayed that God would truly help me to make healthy and right choices.  And maybe if you are like me, but probably not...right??  Is there anyone else out there that struggles with balance?  I want Him to truly help me to discern when, why and how much!  I don't want to eat or buy to fill a void.  I want to do it because its been approved and okayed by Him.  I want to make the decision knowing I am fully living in my freedom from Him.

Had God wanted us to feel guilty, He would not have sent Jesus to redeem us from guilt. (pg 5)

Guilt is not from Him.  It is from the enemy.

To be living in relationship with Jesus means we need to be living fully in the grace and love He has for us.  This is true freedom, the purpose and reason for the cross. 

Our journey with God toward right behavior and holiness is progressive, and if we have to drag the guilt from past mistakes along with us, we'll never make progress toward true freedom and joy.  Perhaps this is the main reason why so few people actually enter into and enjoy the inheritance promised through relationship with Jesus Christ. (pg 5)

To be living in the present in relationship with our Jesus means not dragging our past around with us.

And Joyce asks us,

How much time do you waste feeling guilty?

Our energy is better purposed focusing on the future and eternity.  (See Philippians 3:12-14)

So I found myself reading this next sentence and felt myself truly inhaling a new dose of grace,

We may drive ourselves to finish, but somewhere along the way we will probably become bitter and get a chip on our shoulder if we don't lighten up and take time to celebrate the journey. (pg 7)

Go back and read that again!

Friends we need to be focused on and living out the purpose He has called us to.  But what do others see when the see you living this out?

Stinky Attitude?

Or just maybe they should be seeing,

Grace, love, joy, peace, freedom!

Joyce shares why she had difficult enjoying herself, it was because she felt like she didn't deserve it. 

I can relate.  Can you?

I was out of balance in almost everything and I did not yet realize that celebration and enjoyment are necessary in our lives and we cannot be healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically without them. (pg 8)

Will you join me in praying,

Dear Jesus we start this journey holding tight to Your amazing hand.  You are the giver of grace, love, and freedom.  I pray if there are things that we need to let go of today, like guilt that is holding us back from truly experiencing You to the fullest, please lead us through this.  Thank You Lord for loving us so much.  It is our hearts desire to seek You, to know You and to live lives that bring glory and honor to You, why?  so that others can meet You too!  We love You Lord Jesus, Amen

Thank you for joining me for chapter 1...we will keep going on this journey!

You can change the entire atmosphere of your home simply by giving yourself permission to lighten up. (pg 9)


Cindy said...

As I sit here reading this post, I have just finished a Dairy Queen Blizzard (in the middle of the day), guilt, you betcha!
But for some reason the guilt doesn't stop me from saying YES to unhealthy choices regarding food. Filling voids? Yes! Praying hard!
Balance will be a difficult place to land for me. But I'm willing to come along for the journey and praying that God will open my eyes and heart to change(s).
Praying and believing that this little study will help and encouarge many - as do all of your precious posts:)

Lori said...

I'm working at lightening up! Part of the transformation, I know! Daily, seeking to give up my perfectionism, rather - seeking Him to do it in me!

Hugs, Lori

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Great lesson. I watched all parts of this video. I never once saw any part about any cookies. Maybe I didn't need to hear that part? I loved all the rest. I love how God uses Joyce. "Get Up"!