Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrate Your Progress

Well the Engineer is busy building an ark today...I am not sure that I have seen this much rain ever...its just a coming down.  So while he is busy building an ark I am calling the hair salon...because all this humidity in the air has made my curls flare up and its more than this girly can take today!  But the appointment is not til next week...and by then I will be sailing away on the amongst the wild beasts of the earth and none of them will probably bat an eye at the curly mop on my head!

And for the regulars who are following my 'book review' of Eat the the shoes you are wondering how in the world that is going to tie into to chapter 5...well most likely its not...unless it just happens to by the end of this post!

So chapter 5 is all about celebrating your progress.

One thing that has filled my mind and heart as I read and re-read this chapter the question 'how have I progressed in my 33 years?'

To sum it all up there was a few moments that added up in my twenties that made me realize I was truly missing out on something.  I was tired of going through the motions, being the good girl, just following the rules.

I discovered there was more than religion.  There was a most amazing grace and love filled relationship with Jesus to be lived out daily!

How is that for some progress?!?!?

Friends it can be said of most of us...we are a work in progress.

There is purpose for celebrating progress.  Celebrating strengthens us. 

I can celebrate my progress with my thoughts.  After completing the Me, Myself and Lies Bible study I am more aware of my thoughts...ones that are time wasters, ones that are not pure and right, ones that are not God honoring, ones in which the enemy is trying to trash talk a daughter of the Most High! 

How is that for some progress?!?!?

I have room to continue to grow in this area.

"God isn't keeping a record of each time we fall, but He is excited about our progress, and we should be excited, too!"  (pg 40)

There are moments in which I find myself being humbled at the feet of Jesus much faster than in the past.  And I praise God for that change and progress...because its a sign that God is working in me!

Do you recognize the areas in which you have grown, changed?

Do you rejoice over your progress and change?

Living life with Jesus is a journey in which life will be 'shining ever brighter til the full light of day' (Proverbs 4:18)

Look over this past year of your life, can you see progress?

Here is a plug for journaling.  For me I need to keep a written record of what I am hearing, learning and going through...then I can look back and see where I was and where He has brought me!  There is a beautiful trend in progress while in relationship with Jesus, its all purposefully living at His feet and it always brings us closer to His heart!

Now be careful if you think you have made no progress, because that most likely means the enemy is lying to you.  The enemies purpose is to bring you down,  he does NOT want you celebrating your progress.

Celebrating strengthens us, while condemnation weakens us.

When we choose to celebrate we are looking for God in our life, and that is thanking Him for what He has done, is doing and will continue to do!

"As children of God we need to be committed to change.  Throughout our journey here on earth God's Spirit will be working with and in us, helping us change for the better." (pg 47)

Friends if there is something today that brings you encouragement...and a reason to celebrate I hope it is this:

we are not asked to do this in our own strength..we are not to change on our own...its not as if God has asked us to clean ourselves up and then come back and present ourselves before the Throne.  No my friends...we sit the entire time at His feet in His Holy presence and the One He purposefully sent will work in a comforter, healer, adviser, teacher, coach, an intercessor! (John 16:7-13)

And as I strive to daily remember its not perfection in my human understanding, for Gods definition of perfect  means that I am willing, cooperating and growing!

My prayer,

Lord I pray that this will go into my heart by the power and working of the Holy Spirit. That my mind, thoughts, words, actions, and living will be honoring to You, and when its not that I will be made aware and correct it. Lord I love You and living my life on purpose is only possible because of Your love and grace for me. I pray that even though I know with my head that I am a work in progress and not complete until You bring me home to eternity, my heart feels the pain and struggle of the continual shifting and changing. It is unsettling and uncomfortable and purposeful and right all at the same time. I praise You Lord for Your mighty hand and presence in my life. May I continue to become less and You More.  Amen

May we desire to live in such a way that the progress we make is celebrated because we keep getting deeper in relationship with our Maker.


Kimberly said...

:) This gal who tends to feel like her progress is going slower than a snail (and lets that get her down!) needs this reminder! That He IS working in me! That there IS progress! And that that means there is reason to celebrate!
Thanks, Nichole.

I cling to the knowledge that He WILL complete the good work He began in me! :)

Love and your curly mop of a head. ;)
K :)

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

AMEN and amen! Thank You LORD!! Praise YOUR holy name!

From the Heart said...

Yes, I have a reason to celebrate. Through this study I've learned to worship, praise, honor and love God more because I know how much He loves me. He has done so much for me in the past and I can praise Him that He has let me live to be 70 yrs. old.

A really neat thing happened to me yesterday. Actually it started the day before. I had just bought a new watch, a rather cheap one. It had 3 or 4 different circles of different colors that could be changed on the top of the watch. The one that was on the watch looked like diamonds but they were probably crystal at the price I paid. It came off sometime Wednesday. I did pray about it but knew I had the others that I could use. When I was washing some dishes yesterday afternoon I happened to look down at the side of the sink directly in front of me and there was that "circle of crystals". Can you imagine how humbled I was to think that God cared enough about me to let me find it. If He can do that how much more can He do? I firmly believe He cares about every detail of our lives, all we have to do is ask Him. Some may think that is trivial, but to me it was like He was saying, "Daughter, I love you very much and will take care of anything you need." I am worshiping Him more and giving Him honor and praise and love more that I ever have before. Do I have anything to celebrate? Yes, I celebrate my Heavenly Father, the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord for leading me to this study and to Nichole who is an open book. Thanks Nichole.

On Purpose said...

Oh Sweet journey with you is always such a treat! Thank you for sharing this GREAT and wonderful Jesus moment! You are right, He loves and adores You and deeply desires to show that to you! Keep looking for Him...and He will keep showing Himself! Hugs to you Alice, have a GREAT weekend!
On Purpose

Kelly said...

POWERFUL! I don't know that I've ever celebrated spiritual progress... God has grown so much in me over the years. I'll be thinking and praying about how this should be incorporated in my life.