Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

Hello and welcome to the blog!  We are going through the book Eat the the shoes by Joyce Meyer.  And today we are talking about celebrating!

Do you celebrate?

Do you enjoy celebrating?

Do you have the spirit of celebration in your heart?

Do you celebrate your birthday?

Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday?

I know that last question might seem a little silly.  But truly think about it.

Do you just brush it off as another day?  "I'm just getting a another year older, what does it matter anyway"  "It's just another day on the calendar"  "It's too selfish to celebrate my birthday"

Is this is wrong attitude?  Are we missing the chance to celebrate another year of our life?

Joyce states;

Perhaps part of the reason why we don't feel the need to celebrate is that we lack understanding on how truly awesome we are. (pg 12)

Are you ready to truly claim these verses as truth;

You are the one
who put me together
inside my mother's body,
and I praise you
because of
the wonderful way
you created me.
Everything you do is marvelous!
Of this I have no doubt.
Psalm 139:13-14 (Contemporary English Version)

I think when God spent such time creating us, He poured His creativity and life into us, He wants us to celebrate that!

Our birthdays are a remembrance of His time spent on us...another year in shaping us and molding us.  Oh friends this NEEDS to be celebrated!

When we truly celebrate from our hearts our lives we are bringing Him glory and honor, we are appreciating and recognizing who He is and what He has done!

And if we truly seek to bring Him glory and honor then we don't have to wait and do it once a year.  We can live daily celebrating life!

Do you celebrate daily?

Do you celebrate the ordinary?

Or are you stuck in the martyr syndrome as Joyce refers to it, where you go through life doing all the work feeling like no one truly appreciates you, while everyone else goes on enjoying life without ever realizing how much you sacrifice.


How do we not continue living in the 'martyr syndrome'?


Living life on purpose calls for celebrating.

Creatively find reasons to celebrate.

The purpose of Jesus coming was for us to enjoy life to the fullest. (John 10:10)

May we truly know that everyday is worth celebrating and that we need to choose to celebrate and experience joy!


Cindy said...

Ouch is right!!
Martyr syndrome - been there, done that waaaaaaaaay too much.
I call it battling depression - hmmmm...
Gonna have to sleep on this one! Thanks AND ... Happy Birthday:)

Joyful said...

Oh, I do want to celebrate my friend! We celebrate at every opportunity in our house. You name it...we celebrate it. But...there are times when it is a sacrifice of praise. I wrote about the "Discipline of Celebration" here:

Not always easy...but a gift to the Lord.
I celebrate you today!

Lori said...

I'm into celebrations, also! And, birthday's, half-bday's, you name it, we celebrate it! Any excuse to draw the whole family together and enjoy a scrumptious desert!

My good friend who now,is in her 50's threw herself a party a couple of years ago...She has all boy's like I do, so she made cute little girlie invites...It was such fun. Just girls. China and all. She spoiled us. We sat around the table and laughed and laughed...then, we got her husband to take a group picture (just like you do at a kids party!)...then we changed into swimming suits, (becuz a bday party isn't a party unless there is an activity involved!-smile)and basked in the sun in her back yard. Yes, it was a big celebration, amongst dear friends!

Lord, keep us celebrating and giving you all the Glory!

I loved this post, sweet Nichole!

And, I'm so glad you have not moved to the next chapter in the book! I still need to pick it up, and the type A person that I am does not want to get behind! smile!

Today we celebrate my Dad's bday! 75!!!

Hugs, Lori

From the Heart said...

Wow, that hit me right between the eyes. I always celebrated my girls birthdays, my husband's and my parents but I really don't like calling attention to myself. The girls usually do something for me and their Dad on birthdays and anniversaries (sometimes they went way out). I'm guilty, especially this year, of not wanting to celebrate my birthday, but after reading your post and reading what God says I will have to admit I just had my 70th birthday on May
2nd. You are so right, God deserves all the glory for letting me live this long and He has brought me through so many difficult times. I truly owe Him the praise and glory for it all.

Father, forgive me for not honoring you for taking care of me and letting me live 70 years. I pray that you will continue to bless my family and I. You are so precious and I could not get through one day without you. Amen.

I must say that feels good. Thank you Nichole for doing this study.

Runner Mom said...

We celebrate it all! I enjoy birthday month! And parties...yes ma'm! It doesn't have to be anything big either...God gives us so many blessings, we need to celebrate the small wonders of His love each day.

Nichole, this was a great post, my friend!

Kelly said...

I love to celebrate! I usually celebrate my birthday (and the kids) for an entire week. This was a lovely reminder that there is something to celebrate daily... Right now, I'm experiencing many small miracles and God's tender mercies. If that's not something to celebrate, I don't know what is!

Thank you for sharing!!

Chrissy said...

"Living life on purpose calls for celebrating."

I love this line! And you're so right! I've spent much of my life not getting excited about the little things, for fear that the big things might not happen. I know, that doesn't even make sense! But your post definitely reminds me that life is to be celebrated!

Kimberly said...

This year I allowed myself to feel celebrated for Mother's Day. So many times I wrestle with feeling like I don't deserve to be celebrated, looking at all of my many mistakes. But not this year! I actually relaxed and let myself laugh and enjoyed loving on my family. :) A sweet gift from the Lord.

And I definitely need to relax and celebrate more!

Love you!