Friday, May 21, 2010

Can you over celebrate?

Hey friends...just so you know I have come to confess...yep publicly!  Think I am struggling already at this whole balance memories of the Dairy Queen blizzard from last night are being chased by the cookie I just stuffed in and the crumbs are still visible!

And funny thing is there is NO surprise at how I find myself celebrating...eating yummy chocolaty treats and visiting the shoe store...but I will say I left with not one single pair!!! And there was a sale my friends!

So Chapter 2 was on celebrating.  Well let me tell you I have NO problem finding reasons to celebrate...

Reasons to celebrate this week...our family schedule is easing up a little, the weather has been great, the fix for my laptop was way less than I thought it would be, watched friends adopt their new little girls, I have kept two children, one Engineer and one dog fed this week, oh and it's Friday!

Who knows I just might be getting celebrating and coping confused...HA!

Seriously I just ate the last cookie that was in our house...why?  Because I am celebrating that there is a child napping.  I am one mommy who is begging...I mean praying for enough strength and energy to get through this day! 

God knows I have been begging...I mean praying for His strength to do this momma job lately...I am NOT equipped...I am tired...and very overwhelmed that He would ask me to raise two little guys.  Seriously?

Not equipped but riding a sugar buzz from that cookie.


So I will continue on celebrating life...and seek celebrating with less sugar...I know it can be done...its all about balance for me!

I will celebrate the much happier 4 year old who will wake up from his nap in a much better mood (please Jesus!)

I will celebrate the pick up of my very tired Kindergartner in thirty minutes.

I will celebrate that I get to make my family dinner.

I will celebrate that daddy will be coming home around 5ish to help me tag team.

I will celebrate changing into comfy clothes and relaxing with an Engineer on a Friday night in the comfort of our own home!

May your weekend be filled with a whole lotta celebrating!

Join me back here on Monday and we will review Chapter 3 together...You are Worth a Little Waste.


Irritable Mother said...

Ah, I had fun at the pharmacy tonight - encouraging some customers to celebrate. One of them has her 50th birhtday coming up, and we decided she should, in fact, do something really special. Hoping she follows through with our idea!

Cindy said... mention of my Dairy Queen Blizzard the other day didn't tempt you did it?
Hmmmm...sugar high - mine today - Excedrine - lots of caffeine - because you know I would NEVER drink my caffeine or eat chocolate! Right?
Hmmmm...celebrate - yes - I'm good at that - but why does a celebration always include food? - yep - I just bought a new pair today.
Hmmmm...God has MUCH work to do in this here spirit of mine!!
Love you friend,

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Nichole, you are overwhelmed. I think this book you've started has opened a can of worms and it has given you false permission to do the things you find yourself addicted to via celebrating.

I pray God that You will guide and direct Nichole in what it is she is really supposed get from this! In Jesus' name, amen!

From the Heart said...

I think that celebrating the things you mentioned should be done by more of us (me especially).

Last night was supposed to have been a celebration for my grandson's 17th birthday which is on the 24th, but due to circumstances those plans got changed. Of course we will do something next week and I do agree with you that we should celebrate and praise God for birthdays. In my case it's because of Him that I have had another birthday.

We did go out and buy something that we have talked about for a while and it turned out to be the right time. Everything just seem to fall into place. We also called our daughter, her husband and our grandchildren up to help my husband set it up (it's a new TV for downstairs). So the night was not a total loss.

And Happy Birthday to you, Nichole.
Praise God, another day older, another day wiser and another year to look forward to. You are truly blessed and I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job raising your family.
God bless you, AE

Kelly said...

I struggle with balance to... remembering to celebrate even the "mundane" things helps me keep life exciting! However, I think it is the attitude of celebration that is important. God does produce joy in our lives (it's part of the fruit - Galatians 5:22,23). I'm looking forward to following as you go through this book.

Kimberly said...

I STRUGGLE with food. I do. I need to learn to celebrate more in ways other than chocolatey goodness. :) It is a balance. God reminded me that there were times of feasting and celebrating in the Bible. But they did not feast every single day. Oops. I may need to work on that. :)

Love you. Love your heart to land right where God desires for you to be. He desires for you to be in His will. He is leading you on paths of righteousness for His name sake. And He IS going to help you and I recognize when it's time to feast and when it's not. :)

Love you,