Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God Likes a Party

Hello friends and family, welcome to the blog today! 

Do you like parties? 

Well Chapter 4 in Eat the the shoes...Joyce shares about how God is all about parties.  She helps us remember all the times of celebration and ways people partied in the Bible.

She opens this chapter up with the first party that Jesus attended...not only was he in attendance...he helped keep the party going by turning water into wine! 

Now don't get off course by focusing on the wrong things...try to keep in tune with what God might have us know and the purpose for including this in His Word.

Jesus attended the party, He had nothing against the party, and He wanted the people to enjoy the party.

Now calling myself a 'party girl' might get some people to raise their eyebrows here today...but in all reality I truly am.  I am a girl who loves to party...aka celebrate life.  Whether it be a Christmas party, a birthday party and anniversary party...and you know parties usually include yummy yeah!

You are invited to God's party!  Have you accepted the invite...and have you showed up?

Are you in attendance at His party?

"God loves us and all that He has is ours as long as we belong to Him.  He appreciates our work and effort to please Him, but if we refuse to enjoy the benefits of being a child of God this is our fault, not His.  We can have a party anytime we want one.  Every day can be a party if we learn the art of celebration." (pg 35)

Friends today I am really in party I just finished the Bible study, Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild.  I am so deserving of a celebration..that Bible study was a hard one...hard in a really good life changing way...but as I finished today I can truly hear my Creator clapping...and that calls for a celebration...right?!?!

I am living life with Him and when I stop and think on that...that is worth celebrating. 

May we not take one second of our freedom in grace for granted...but rather party like we truly mean it!


Irritable Mother said...

Learning the art of celebration.
Ah, that sounds like a good thing to study. Too much of life seems to take me down the 'serious' track.
I do love a party, but learning the art of celebration? I think I need to focus on that a little more!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

This doesn't reach me today. Maybe I'm not ready for it yet. When I am it'll hit me. Thank You Lord.

Lelia Chealey said...

So cool! I'm turning into a "party girl" more and more every day! :)

Kimberly said...

Hooray on finishing that study! I probably need to do that one some time! :)

I love a good celebration, too! I love the time to spend with those I love, I love loving on those I love in special ways. How exciting to think that God feels that way about us...that He loves to celebrate with us, that He loves to rejoice over us, that He wants us to rejoice with Him!

I think of how excited I got each time my girls took their first steps. I was hootin' and hollerin'! I wonder if God is up there hootin' and hollerin' when we finally take some of our first spiritual steps or when we step out in big new ways! :)

Love you, friend! Can't wait to party with you in person. :)

From the Heart said...

I am learning to enjoy my Heavenly Father more and more, from this study and just visiting other's blogs. I do believe God wants us to give Him honor and glory and praise Him just because we love Him. Most of the time we (or I) praise Him when He has answered a prayer for me, but as I said I believe He wants to hear from us at all times and in everything, the good and the bad.

Thanks for this study.
Blessings, AE